29 September 2009

sun rise

i'm awake. the vicodin itch is wearing off, or
i have become numb.

the sky is getting
lighter and
i guess
the sun is rising
to my east
because my horizon is this
lovely warm color of
a freshly plucked peach and
ever so slowly this
is becoming the sky
that i can see
and it is a happy shade of
fading into
fading into the
sky of what today
might become.

this is a calm and lucid
presence of being that
i can't remember having felt for
quite some time now.

i feel
serene and
calm and
everything i perceive to be
ethereal and
with the promise of
better days.

good things.
beautiful things.

being present in the moment at present
nothing is more important or beautiful than
right now.

good morning,
good morning
to this
crisp bright air that is filling my lungs
oxygen and
and promises of better days.
good morning.

21 September 2009


let's climb up to the roof-top
we'll take a blanket
and a bottle of wine

we can write all night
and sing with the Moon

let's climb up to the roof-top

we can look at the stars
and talk about
time travel
growing up
and being
different or
or getting lost

let's climb up to the roof-top
we'll take a blanket and
a bottle of wine

and i will be yours
if you will be mine

03 September 2009

starshine pt deux

i feel
this night air on
dampened skin
firestorm breeze
through wet hair
and cement still warm from
mid-day sun
beneath my feet

i hear
crickets chirp their evening song
and city sounds that permeate the night
and the rustle of branches as they are
caressed by gentle breeze

i see
brick and stone and a fence of wrought iron
and grass
a little patch of green oasis
in this industrial desert

and i see the Moon and
there is beauty and warmth
in her smile
but i can not see my
star-shine sisters & brothers and my
star-shine lovers
there is too much
dust and smoke and exhaust and
i just want to see the
stars shine
and twinkle and
laugh as they waltz across the midnight sky,
winking at me
teasing me
coaxing me
out to play

so i feel alone and small under this
vast night sky
in which
my sister and brother star-shines are
hiding somewhere
maybe it is my turn
to glitter and laugh
and waltz about this patch of grass,
winking and smiling
to tease
to coax
my star-shine lovers
out to play.

green eyed monster

before i can even formulate
this thought
these words
i am choking on them
but i think them
and, please, do not misinterpret
i hate you
how you can just
look at a person
and make them fall in love
and you just know
the right things to say
to a person
to make them fall in love
i hate
how you don't even have to
because you are just so
and i don't want to feel this way
or have these thoughts
i shouldn't care so much
but i do.
and i know that i am just being
and jealous (you know how i hate to be jealous)
and altogether
girlish and childlike
then again i suppose that i honestly am
all these things
which is why
i hate you
you make me

eye of the beholder

i'm just not beautiful
like you
are so beautiful.
my smile is just too
big to be
pouty like your
smile is pouty.
and my eyes are just too
open to be
seductive like your
eyes seduce those who into them gaze
and i'm just too
not dainty and waif-like as
you are the daintiest
and the waif-liest
i'm just
not beautiful
like you are
so beautiful

me with my
too big smile
because i am silly and laugh real hard
and my
too open eyes
because i am unassuming and not afraid (of you)
and because i'm just
not dainty or
because so what if i like to eat? and because
i have big bones and
that's not my fault, nor do i care

i stand tall
and yes, i am solid
i can see everything with my open, honest eyes
and they are clear and
blue like sky or
green like oceans or
grey like weather
and i use my too big mouth to smile genuinely and
laugh heartily and to
tell you things
i'm just not
beautiful like
are beautiful

and oh, i just wish (sometimes) that i was
beautiful like