15 August 2009


things are happening.
but they are.
everything is changing.
but it is.

13 August 2009


"there was such an overflow of divine love that the angels came bursting forth of their own accord. circle upon circle of spirit lights radiantly dashing the heavens, whirling about the sun in clouds of crystal fragments. they were blasted out of eternal sleep by the blinding light of a direct vision of Glory. so devastating was this light that only their flaming wings could offer protection from this fire that also gave them their birth."

miss scoons
"angel city"
sam shepard

12 August 2009

reasons why not

because i probably can't
because i feel inadequate
because i lack the confidence
because i don't want to
because it hurts too much
because i am afraid
because it might fail
because i don't know
because i'm too tired
too drunk
too lazy
too anxious
because i could do something else
because i need to be challenged
because i can't do it alone
because you never called
because i keep forgetting
just a little bit more
because i am alone
in pain
feeling listless
because you hurt me
because you broke me
because you left me
or i left you
either way.
because my heart was broken

that's why.
why i can't let you back in to my life
why i can't open up to you
why i can't let you come over
just to talk
why i can't do it anymore
why i don't want to start over
because i can't.
i can't start over
there's no such thing.
because i don't want to hurt
any more
because i don't want to be vulnerable
because i don't want you anymore
because i can't.
because i won't.
because i don't
love you anymore.

that's why.