03 September 2009

eye of the beholder

i'm just not beautiful
like you
are so beautiful.
my smile is just too
big to be
pouty like your
smile is pouty.
and my eyes are just too
open to be
seductive like your
eyes seduce those who into them gaze
and i'm just too
not dainty and waif-like as
you are the daintiest
and the waif-liest
i'm just
not beautiful
like you are
so beautiful

me with my
too big smile
because i am silly and laugh real hard
and my
too open eyes
because i am unassuming and not afraid (of you)
and because i'm just
not dainty or
because so what if i like to eat? and because
i have big bones and
that's not my fault, nor do i care

i stand tall
and yes, i am solid
i can see everything with my open, honest eyes
and they are clear and
blue like sky or
green like oceans or
grey like weather
and i use my too big mouth to smile genuinely and
laugh heartily and to
tell you things
i'm just not
beautiful like
are beautiful

and oh, i just wish (sometimes) that i was
beautiful like

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