03 September 2009

starshine pt deux

i feel
this night air on
dampened skin
firestorm breeze
through wet hair
and cement still warm from
mid-day sun
beneath my feet

i hear
crickets chirp their evening song
and city sounds that permeate the night
and the rustle of branches as they are
caressed by gentle breeze

i see
brick and stone and a fence of wrought iron
and grass
a little patch of green oasis
in this industrial desert

and i see the Moon and
there is beauty and warmth
in her smile
but i can not see my
star-shine sisters & brothers and my
star-shine lovers
there is too much
dust and smoke and exhaust and
i just want to see the
stars shine
and twinkle and
laugh as they waltz across the midnight sky,
winking at me
teasing me
coaxing me
out to play

so i feel alone and small under this
vast night sky
in which
my sister and brother star-shines are
hiding somewhere
maybe it is my turn
to glitter and laugh
and waltz about this patch of grass,
winking and smiling
to tease
to coax
my star-shine lovers
out to play.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed reading all you post backwards, the past kept becoming the present. It's nice to know some of your past because you are a result of it.