11 October 2010

First Star On the Right


i like to draw with crayons


i like having a juice-box to drink


i'll eat cheerios for breakfast

any time of day


so what

if i want to wear a tu-tu


or even

fairy wings and


(only every day)

okay? so what!

like this i think i can

click my heels together and

end up

at home

just like this,

you see?

so yeah, okay,

there might be monsters

under my bed but

so what?

and yeah, okay,

i might play with play-doh

sometimes but

so what?

i like things that are

soft and

full of air or

fluff and

i am always learning because

like this

i never stop asking

why? and

yeah, okay,

so maybe i might

throw a tantrum

from time to time


isn't that just what it is?

it goes like this and

if you need to find me

you'll know where to look.

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