05 April 2010

"... all i know is that you're so nice ..."

scent of purple cotton candy transports me back to opium den barn burnt squares of aluminum foil that yellow 1970s kitchen empty pen casings halves of straws purple cotton candy scented smoke loss of feeling DISASSOCIATION now we are numb and this is just the way we get by and we do what we can what we have to and just another quarter tonight (waittheseare60snot80s) so just another little quarter - we'llshareit - tonight maybe and maybe you've done enough now and maybe purple cotton candy smells too sweet and maybe just maybe we're killing ourselves this time so maybe you've done enough and i think you need to stop and you tell me that you can't and i am scared because i love you and i know that you have to stop and i also know that you can't and i am scared because i love you and i don't know how to help you and i want you to get better because i love you and i want to help but i don't know how anymore. i just want you to be okay without this and i am scared because you can't stop and
and please, you have to stop killing yourself because
you are killing me too.

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