12 November 2009

found wanting

i'm not sure what to say here.
nothing that i haven't said before.
nothing that we don't already know.

i want a lot of things.
i want my hair to always look good. i want to get out of this town. i want a typewriter. i want to find my niche. i want to write like my heart is on fire. i want wishes to come true. i want to breathe. i want to not be afraid anymore.
i want to take the Great American road-trip
(you & me & an old station wagon. mix-tapes &
polaroids & too many cigarettes
& feet out the window with the radio loud.
you & me & miles to go)
i want to believe you.
i want to trust you.
i want to let this go
so that i can let this in.
i want to believe in love

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