15 June 2009

i am not in love

maybe i made a mistake
i keep thinking that
maybe i was wrong and
i know i'm not in love
with you but
i love you
still and
i can't stop thinking
that maybe i made the
wrong choice and
maybe love
is it enough just to
maybe not to be in
love and
i'm confused and
i am thinking that i
love you and
i think i was just
maybe a little too
this or not enough
that and
i just keep thinking
maybe i was wrong and
i love you
still but i guess i know that
and i can't, please can i
take it back?
maybe i didn't mean
what i said to be so
mean and i just.
love you still.
i made a mistake and.
i'm sorry and.
forgive me
just hold me
one more time
so i know
i was wrong.

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